Main aspects that you main consider if you want to work abroad: how to find a job in another country, job search, working conditions, salaries, and other key aspects for working abroad.

Work and travel in Australia with a temporary job

Australia Work and Travel: temporary jobs

If you want to work and travel in Australia, you should get yourself a Working Holiday Visa. Once you've done that, you should plan the route you are going to travel. You should also think about getting a temporary job to support yourself financially whilst travelling in Australia.

Get a temporary job whilst in Australia

A temporary job will not just boost your travel funds during your time in Australia, but will also give you the opportunity to taste the Australian job market and gain a different cultural perspective on the country.

There are a lot of job opportunities down under. Australia boasts one of the strongest economies in the world. It may be easier than you think to get a job, provided you create a decent Australian job application. Furthermore, wages are high in comparison to most countries, which will be useful to support your expenses whilst travelling through the vast nation of Australia.

What type of temporary jobs can I do?

Below is a list of some typical temporary jobs that you can undertake in Australia:

  • Bar work
  • Teacher
  • Au-pair
  • Surf Instructor

Overall, it is well worth working temporarily in Australia to make the most out of your time there. As a result you will gain a unique perspective on how the country's job market operates. You will also be able to travel further with boosted funds and have a fantastic time down under!

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Work and travel company Australia

Work and Travel Company Australia

Work & travel in Australia

Australia is a great place to visit. It can, however, be difficult to travel throughout the country without some kind financial support. Our favourite work and travel companies in Australia can aid you in your search for some employment down under.

Below is a list of the top 5 work and travel companies that will help you organise your plans for going to Australia on a temporary or permanent basis.

Top 5 Australian Work and Travel Companies

  • Global Work and Travel: The Global Work & Travel Co. are working holiday experts with offices around the world, connecting travellers with exciting new opportunities.
  • Work and Travel Company: Work & Travel Company is Australia’s leading agency for backpackers looking to find work and get the most out of their trip Down Under.
  • STA Travel: Reliable, popular site for cheap flights to Australia and student travel advice.
  • Anywhere Travel Agents: Cheap package deals for travelling and working in Australia.
  • Flight Centre: Holiday packages and tours throughout Australia, as well as cheap flights.

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Best Australian Cities

The best student cities in Australia

Best Australian Cities for Students

We asked 100 students their views on the best places to visit, study, work or live in Australia. We took into account several factors including living costs, climate, culture, transport and layout. The results can be seen on the table below.

Melbourne: 25%
Sydney: 15%
Perth: 20%
Brisbane: 15%
Adelaide: 20%
Canberra: 5%

Melbourne, the number one place to go in Australia, is ranked the highest due to it's varied culture, good transport and reasonable living costs. Canberra, the capital of Australia, is least popular; perhaps due to the fact that it was purposefully built as the administrative centre of the nation.

What Do You Think?

Vote for your favourite Australian student city below and send us your opinion on the best place to live, travel, study or work in Australia as a student. We'll publish your thoughts on our website for others to read and comment on.

Vote for the best student city

Why is this your favourite student city?

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Work and travel Australia

Work and Travel in Australia Temporarily

If you want to work and travel in Australia temporarily, the Working Holiday Australia Visa is a great option.

The working holiday visa program allows people to earn an income whilst in Australia. Whether you're a gap year student, backpacker or on a career break, this visa gives you the chance to supplement your travel funds during your time down under. Moreover, it’s an opportunity to gain new skills, travel and experience life in Australia. You can immerse yourself in the culture, meet locals and form friendships.

Furthermore, with respect to your career, the ability to gain new skills by working in Australia can enhance any CV.

Working holiday visa Australia

Working Holiday Australia Visa Requirements

You must comply with several requirements in order to hold a working holiday visa:

  • Age limit: you must be between 18-31 at the time of your visa application.
  • You must apply for the visa before entering Australia.
  • You should apply within 12 months before travelling to Australia.
  • You must hold a valid passport for the country or region participating in the working holiday schemes (see below).
  • Enter Australia within 3 months of your visa's grant date.
  • You can work and travel Australia for up to 12 months.
  • You must undertake temporary employment whilst in Australia.
  • Cost: the price of the visa is $365.

Who Can Get a Working Holiday Australia Visa?

Citizens from certain countries are eligible for a working holiday visa to work and travel legally in Australia. Consult the eligibility list on the Australian immigration website to see whether or not you can apply for a working holiday visa.

You can also re-apply for a second year of working and travelling in Australia by downloading the re-application visa form.

Moving to Australia Tips

Deciding to move to Australia is the easy part. Now you’ve got to organize things.

  • Get a Tax File Number (TFN) – before you start working in Australia, you need to get a tax file number. You can only complete this application once you are in Australia.
  • Find out the type of tax you need to pay– if you are working in Australia you need to determine whether you are an Australian resident for tax purposes. Non-residents pay tax differently from residents.

Find a Place to Stay in Australia

Finding a good hostel, flat, hotel or other accommodation is crucial whilst working in Australia.

If you want to stay in a hostel, use these sites to search: Hostel Bookers and Hostelworld.

If you are looking for a flat or house, use Gumtree or Flatmate Finder

Find Work in Australia

If you're looking for work in Australia, consult our Jobs in Australia page to read about the best job search resources down under.

Getting to Australia

There are several websites to start searching for cheap flights to Australia. The best are Skyscanner and Kayak.

For detailed information on all the airports in Australia see the Australian Airports Guide.

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Work and Travel Australia

Work and Travel Australia

Australia is considered to have one of the strongest economies in the world. It also has a warm climate, beautiful landscapes and political stability. On the whole the standard of living in Australia is high.

So let's all fly over today and start living the dream...right? Well, it's a little more complicated than that.

You must understand the immigration procedures, the living conditions and how to create an effective Australian job application.

Before all that, however, you must find a job in Australia. To carry out the Australian job search it is necessary to be aware of the best resources to use and also where exactly in Australia you should go to. After all, Australia is a pretty big country - the 6th largest in the world to be exact at 7,692,024 km2. 

On top of learning about the best areas to work in Australia, it is important to know which are the best places to travel to once you've arrived in Australia. There's a lot of great places to see so you don't want to miss out.

So where are the best places to work and travel in Australia?

Where to Work and Travel in Australia

  • Sydney, New South Wales: the cosmopolitan capital of New South Wales, with famous landmarks such as the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. It is a large city where job opportunities are available.
  • Melbourne, Victoria: not as expensive as Sydney, Melbourne is a great place to live if you're looking for good food, a cafe culture and a beautiful city.
  • Brisbane, Queensland: Brisbane has a lively social scene, great weather all year and is easy to get around.
  • Adelaide, South Australia: not as developed as the previous cities, maintaining some old-fashioned charm. With beautiful parks and a laid back atmosphere, Adelaide is nice medium-sized city to live in.
  • Perth, Western Australia: Perth is more geographically isolated than the other cities on the West Coast but is a leisure-oriented city and a good place to live.
  • Hobart, Tasmania: the small capital city of Tasmania is small but has a relaxed atmosphere and maritime feel.
  • Canberra, the capital city of Australia: not the most popular tourist city due to the fact that it was purposefully built as the administrative centre of the nation, but worth looking into if you want to find a job in the political and business sector.

Other Places Worth Visiting in Australia

  • The Outback: not the best place to work with around 90% of the Australian population living and working in coastal regions but certainly worth travelling around.
  • The Great Barrier Reef: the largest reef in the world at 2000 km long. Located off the Queensland coast, with its complex of islands and underwater delights, this is a must see whilst in Australia.
  • Uluru or Ayers Rock: a large sandstone rock formation in the Northern Territory’s Red Centre. You should definitely try to see them when in Australia.

Working Holiday Visa

If you are looking to work and travel temporarily in Australia you should consult our section on the Working Holiday Visa.

Work and Travel Temporary Jobs

Undertaking a temporary job in Australia will give you a unique perspective on the country and boost your travel funds.

Best Student Cities in Australia

If you are a student looking to travel, live, work or study in Australia, it is useful to know what other students' rank as their favourite city in Australia. We asked 100 students their opinion about Australia's best city based on a number of factors, and the results can be seen on our designated page below:

Work and Travel Company in Australia

It can be difficult to travel in Australia without some kind financial support. On the link below you can find a list of our top 5 favourite work and travel companies in Australia that will help you organise your work and travel plans down under.

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Immigration Australia

On this page you will find essential information about migrating to Australia. Read about the different types of visas to enter Australia and you'll be living and working "Down Under" in no time!

Migrate to Australia

Australia has one of the strongest job markets in the world. It is a nation with a diverse range of job sectors, many job opportunities and high wages. On top of all this, Australia is culturally rich. As a result, it is a very popular country for migrants looking for work abroad.

However, it is not as easy as packing your suitcase, flying to Australia and beginning your new life there.

To work, you must have a valid Australian visa. A range of temporary and permanent visas are available.

Types of Visa for Australia

Migrants who wish to reside and work legally in Australia must apply for a visa within one of five categories:

Skilled Worker Visa

There are a number of visa options available for workers who want to migrate permanently to Australia and who have the required skills and qualifications. The specific type of visa depends on your occupation, civil state and other factors. However, generally speaking, provided you are a skilled worker and have been offered a job by an Australian company, then you should be able to successfully solicit an Australian workers visa.

To obtain an Australian workers visa, you must forego the SkillSelect program: an online service that enables skilled workers interested in migrating to Australia to record their details to be considered for a visa through an Expression of Interest (EOI). Migrants who do this can then be found and nominated for skilled visas by Australian employers or by state governments.

All intending migrants are required to submit an EOI and receive an invitation from an Australian company in order to lodge a visa application.

Business Visa

People can apply for this type visa if they wish to conduct short business visits, establish or manage a new or existing business or invest in Australia.

Family Members Visa

Partners, children, parents and other family members of Australian citizens are eligible to work in Australia legally with this visa.

Returning Australian Residents Visa

Former Australian permanent residents or former Australian citizens are eligible to work in Australia legally with this visa.

Refugee or Humanitarian Entrants

People who are escaping persecution or unfair punishment in their home countries and seeking protection in Australia are eligible to do so with this type of visa.

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Work in Australia

Work in Australia

The Australian job market is amongst the strongest in the world. As such, it is a popular destination for foreign workers. Finding employment and working in Australia can be difficult.

Luckily for you we have a series of tips to help you move to Australia as easily as possible. Our sections contain information about migrating to Australia, the Australian work visa and the Australian job application process, as well as helpful advice about working and travelling in Australia.

Steps to working in Australia

The following pages contain essential advice about working legally (and successfully!) in Australia:

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Types of Visas to work in Spain

Types of visas to work in Spain

There are different types of visas that allow you to work legally in Spain. It is necessary to obtain a work visa and a work permit to reside and work in Spain. The visas vary depending on your professional activity, the job sector you wish to work in and the duration of your time in Spain.

The most common documents that permit you to live and work in Spain are as follows:

Types of permits to live and work in Spain

Temporary residence and research work

This type of work and residency authorisation allows foreign workers to start an investigation project in a company or national entity in Spain, within the limits of an agreed framework.

Living and working in Spain in a managerial position or as a highly qualified professional

This is the visa that the following professionals must apply for:

  • Company managerial position, technicians and scientists contracted by the State, foreign teachers contracted by a Spanish university, highly qualified technicians and scientists that wish to carry out investigative work in Spain, artists of international prestige, or managerial personnel that is involved with a business project that is considered to be of public interest.

For each one of these positions the type of documentation varies. This is the most in-demand type of visa to work in Spain.

Live and work in Spain temporarily for a determined period

This applies to workers living and working in Spain for less than a year (temporary contracts, training internships, employment contracts, senior management contracts)

National Employment Situation

The National Employment Situation allows companies to contract foreign citizens who are not Spanish residents. This refers mainly to filling positions that are demanded by businesses but are difficult to fill solely within Spain.

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Documents to work in Spain for non-EU citizens

Working in Spain as a non-EU citizen

Professionals that wish to work in Spain and are non-EU citizens will have to undertake a series of steps with the Spanish authorities to be able to become a legal worker in Spain.

The citizens of these countries will only be able to live and work in Spain normally if they comply with the requirements and procedures of the Spanish law.

Before searching for work in Spain, your should be aware of the different types of visas, and you should understand that to obtain a Spanish work visa you must have a job offer from a company in Spain, in addition to all the requirements of the Ministry of Work and Foreign Affairs.

You must not to confuse the work permit and the work visa. You may be granted the first but denied the second. However, the visa cannot be obtain without the permit.

There are various types of visas. You can consult the website of the Foreign Employment and Social Security Ministry to find out more detailed visa information.

Below you can find specific information about:

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Work in Spain requirements for foreigners

Work in Spain: requirements for foreign workers

In order to work legally in Spain, foreign workers must comply with a series of requirements. In Spain there are different visas and work permits depending on your occupation, the economic contribution you will make to Spain and the time you will be there.

The legislation is different for EU citizens and non-EU citizens. Citizens of the European Union don't need to obtain a work permit but they do need to follow a series of steps to be able to enjoy the same rights as other workers in Spain.

All the foreign workers that want to obtain a visa must go through a series of administrative procedures that start with the completion of the official application form EX-03.